Timber Blinds & Shutters

Verosol Ambience Aluminium Shutter

The Ambience Aluminium Shutter has been designed for the Australian market and incorporates a number of quality features that are unrivalled in the market. The Ambience Aluminium shutter features a light weight frame with an aluminum control rod which allows for full closure of the blades in two positions. The control rod on this shutter is positioned on the back of the shutter giving the appearance of clean cut lines.

The Aluminium shutter offers sleek and subtle lines usually associated with internal products thus creating a consistent smooth transition from indoor to outdoor when combined with our Timber Shutter range. A range of functional, quality hardware is supplied with this shutter providing the complete package for your customer.

Verosol Ambience Hardwood Shutters

The Ambience Hardwood Shutter features a light weight frame with a concealed aluminium control rod which allows for full closure of blades in two positions. This provides clear and uninterupted visibility through the blades.

Available with elliptical blades in 64mmm, 89mm and 114mm, painted shutters are made from finger jointed Poplar, coated using a polyurethane coating system. Stained shutters are made from basswood, which are stained and then coated using a nitro-cellulose lacquer system. A range of functional, quality hardware is supplied with the Ambience Hardwood shutter, providing you with the complete package.

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