Mokum Textiles & Drapes

Fresh & original textiles inspired by our culture and lifestyle.

Each new Mokum collection begins with the design team researching global and market trends and taking influence from our lifestyle and natural environment. Patterns, materials, yarn colours and production techniques are explored in collaboration with the finest international mills. Our fresh and original textiles are designed to be both enduring and beautiful, reflecting the essence of the Mokum brand.

Our modern designs and constructions are suitable for our casual lifestyle and unique environmental conditions. Quality is paramount; the Mokum brand delivers both style and substance.

Materialised Textiles & Drapes

Commercial spaces often present acoustic challenges – with noise reverberating and echoing off the hard surfaces, vast foyers or intimate spaces.

Natural light, oversized windows, high ceilings, glass boxes, open plan spaces are all aesthetically pleasing design choices loved by modern architects and interior designers. However, these beautiful spaces often present acoustic challenges, as noise reverberates, echoes and amplifies off these hard surfaces.

Noise can be unwanted sound and we are besieged with accidental and unpleasant sounds on a daily basis. Considering this, sound that is not managed, is interfering with complex task performance, speech intelligibility, behaviour, and is a potential stress inducer. This is therefore contradicting the experiences we want people to have, whether it be in the work place, relaxing in a hotel, recovering in hospital or enjoying your later years in an aged care facility.

With the aim to tackle the reflected sound within these commercial spaces, Materialised offer a variety of Acoustic Solutions, for a harmonious balance of acoustics and aesthetics.

Offering a complete range of curtains, blinds, shutters and

venetians accompanied with motorised and automated solutions