Green Square Library

The system tracks the sun all year round and know the exact position of the sun on any given minute of the day.

The system measured the ambient temperature, Internal temperature, cloud cover, shadow management of the surrounding buildings to calculate the requirement for shading and thermal comfort within the library.

Products Used:

  • Verosol Motorised Blinds

    Silverscreen 205 %
    Colour: White with aluminium backing

  • Somfy Motors and Controllers

    Somfy Animeo KNX
    KNX is a bus-based control system easily modified at control engineering level from a central programming location.

A completely automated blind system

This award-winning underground library has large open spaces, study desks, a reading room and children’s area. Meeting rooms, a computer lab and music room can be hired.

BMC Commercial Solutions in conjunction with John Holland Constructions, Verosol Australia & SOMFY delivered a completely automated blind system that included computer-controlled blinds throughout the complex. Each blind is programmed to react to the environmental conditions external and internally. The blinds are deployed based on the need to reduce heat, glare, and maintain a healthy comfortable temperature internally all year round.

The building management system knowing the exact position of each blind and is orientation to the sun it drives the blinds to the optimal position to give the greatest results for the occupants with out them pushing a button or giving any thought to the control of the blinds. The system is set up to measure the solar incidence on each panel of glass and continually measures for the slightest changes in the external environment.